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This is the official LiveJournal community for the Pagan podcast, Pagan Living. I'll update as much as possible so if you can't get to the libsyn site for updated information, you can just join the community and get everything at the tip of your fingers!

Feel free to post about the shows or chat about things of Pagan interest. I'll be improving this page as boredom see's fit. If anyone wants to make me an icon or page layout I'd be forever indebted and of course you'd be sited on this wee page here!

Have fun!

"An essential podcast for pagans living their faith everyday. Inspirational cast!" - Storm and Sorcha of Wicked Podcast

"Keep up the awesome work, Em! I love the program, and I am looking forward to hearing many more!!!" - Jeva of Lance and Graal

"How did you turn me in to a devoted listener?? Good to hear some plain, down to earth pagan talk." - Kev V.

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