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Posted by emdeepwater on 2007.07.07 at 11:28
Current Location: "Live Earth" on MMM
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Another georgous day here in Toronto on a very lucky day (07/07/07).

On this show I do some mundane chatting about the newest (and sadly, last) Harry Potter book. I also read a few listener emails and do an unintentional live narrative of the Live Earth concert series (and if anyone know the name of the very first band that played at Aussie Stadium could you please pass it along? They were great!). This gets me into a tirade about Green living. If you're serious about it please run off to Green Feet for some fantastically environmentally friendly products. We screwed it up and now we have to make the hard sacrifices to fix it. Stop being selfish and do it!

Then, I finally get onto health. We as Pagans do what we can to help the environment but what about the environment that is our body? We can't help others or the environment if we drop dead of heart attacks and disease. We are the embodiment of the Goddess and God therefore we have a responsibility to treat ourselves like the Divine beings we are.

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nevetts63 at 2007-07-17 13:25 (UTC) (Link)

green living

Would you like a gardening segment?
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